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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 10, 2014 6:00am-6:11am JST

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welcome to "newsline." here's the latest at this hour. many of asia's foreign ministers are in myanmar discussing territorial disputes in the south china sea. china joined the ten asean members on saturday on the sidelines of the foreign ministerial talks. nhk world is following the story in myanmar's capital, naypyidaw. >> reporter: the talks have not started well. china rejected a proposal by the philippines that would have imposed a moratorium on
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activities that could escalate tensions. but chinese foreign minister yi agreed with his asean counterparts to continue consultations to draw up a legally binding action plan. china appears to be following a twin strategy of rejecting anything that might act as a break on its territorial claims while continuing to offer an olive branch in the form of further talks. the philippines presented the proposal at talks on friday. many members expressed support. the proposed moratorium was put on the table again at saturday's meeting with wang, but he swatted it away. >> translator: if the relevant proposals are there to serve as a double standard. if that's the case, that would be even more unfair and is unacceptable. >> reporter: manila accuses beijing of reclaiming the south reef and four other shoals in the spratly islands claimed by both countries. china is also at odds with vietnam. over the paracel islands.
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china installed a huge oil rig in waters near the islands in may. that triggered clashes between vessels of the two sides. the tensions in the south china sea increasingly concern washington. u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrived early saturday morning. kerry is expected to urge all sides to avoid action that could change the status quo in the south china sea at the asean regional forum on sunday. but china insists territorial issues should be settled between the countries involved. it is certain to oppose discussing the disputes at the multinational forum. that means tough discussions lie ahead at sunday's security meeting. nhk world. japan's foreign minister met with kerry. in naypyidaw. kitsch fumio kishida briefed kerry on an investigation by north korea
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into the fate of missing japanese. authorities in the north say they are trying to find out what happened to japanese people who were abducted by pyongyang agents and others that disappeared. he said japan has consistently pursued a comprehensive solution to the abductions as well north korea's nuclear program and missile tests. he sought kerry's understanding on the issue. members in a religious minority north of iraq are among thousands fleeing from militants. many are escaping persecution by sunni extremists. about 100 yazidi people traveled 100 kilometers to find safety. they are sheltering at the school in iraq's kurdish region. the yazidis follow an ancient religion.
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sunni militants began targeting them earlier this month. the yazidis say the militants are killing their people and taking others hostage. women and children are among the victims. one man described the situation as a nightmare. others say ordinary sunni muslims living in sinjar are capturing yazidis and handing them over to insurgents. about 40,000 people throughout the region have fled the militants, they are avoiding major roads controlled by sunnis. so they've headed into the mountains. u.n. officials say the refugees don't have food and water, at least 40 children have died from dehydration and other causes. u.s. military officials are trying to help. they sent fighter jets to bomb militants installations and drop supplies to refugees. officials released footage of
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the operation. images from an fa-18 jet showed bombs hitting sites on the ground and smoke rising from the explosions. separate footage shows aid being air dropped to thousands of people who fled islamic militants. the aid includes about 5700 liters of water and more than 28,000 military rations. governments in west africa are stepping up effort to stop the spread of the ebola outbreak. the world health organization declared a international public emergency saying the disease has killed at least 961 people. nigeria has confirmed seven cases of the infection and two deaths. president goodluck jonathan declared a national state of emergency saying official wills step up screening at borders and add facilities for isolating patients. liberia's government has begun
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isolating areas with the high rates of the infection. soldiers are operating checkpoints on roads to restrict the movement of people. the operator of the fukushima power plant wants to build new facilities to discharge decontaminated ground water into the ocean. officials at tokyo electric power company say they'll apply to the nuclear regulation authority for permission as early as monday. a large amount of contaminated ground water from beneath the plant is leaking into the ocean. tepco engineers are trying to contain the water with an iron barrier built along the shore. according to the plan, the engineers will pump up the ground water and decontaminate it before discharging it into the ocean. tepco also wants to decontaminate ground water being held in wells near the reactor buildings. the officials say they've explained the plan to local
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fishermen and there have been no objections so far about building new facilities. regulators will examine the plant for effectiveness and safety. tepco said it will make a final decision on whether to discharge the water into the ocean after consulting with local residents. the plan is likely to meet opposition as fishermen are concerned that the move will increase consumer worries about pollution at sea. thai police say they have collected dna samples of all of the babies discovered in a flat outside bangkok to determine the identity of their parents. the nine babies are believed to be born to surrogate mothers. they were discovered in the condominium of a 24-year-old japanese man on tuesday. the police said the hospital where the ferl fertilization was carried out may not have had the
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required license and also said the country social welfare authorities will present them with evidence to file charges against the hospital's doctors. >> translator: we are not sure why this man was raising so many babies there. we would like to continue our investigation to collect more evidence. >> the babies are aged between a few months and around 2 years old. the japanese man said through his lawyer that they were all his. he left thailand on thursday. the thai media has been reporting on the incident and questioning whether the case is linked to human trafficking. they are calling for a stricter regulations on the country's unregulated surrogacy business. this case follows that of an australian couple accused of leaving a baby boy who has down syndrome with his thai surrogate birth mother. now here's the weather forecast
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for selected cities around the world.
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. that concludes this edition of "newsline." thanks for joining us. on "ceramic treasures" we take you around japan to encounter enchanting pottery. in this episode, we look at hagi-yaki with the subtle beige tones and the antique-like cracks, this pottery has long been prized by lovers of the traditional tea ceremony. hagi-yaki originates in the city of yamaguchi.


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